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What can i wear to be a dirty school girl for halloween?
I have nerd glasses, but what clothes should i wear to make it look really hot?:)
tights/ leggings with heels, a plaid skirt, and a white button down shirt

or forget the leggings and go without them
That makes naughty nurses two look like dirty school girls 5?
Where does this quote come from
"That makes naughty nurses two look like dirty school girls 5"
hahahahaha.....all i could think of was south park .....there was a lord of the rings episode where they have to return the video of l.o.t.r to the "two towers"video store ......but they say their film is "backdoor sl*ts nine" and the quote goes
"it makes crotch capers 3 look like naughty nurses 2 "

other than that i dunno
What to say in bed? dirty talk as a school girl?
im doing the school girl routine in bed and i need advice on what to say from women? what men wanna hear and basically what to say when i come out to get started. talking dirty isnt a issue
spank me teacher because I've been a bad bad girl.
Is Girl's School, a dirty place?
Out of curiosity. As a guy, I thought that Girl's School were nice and clean. In comparison to Boy's School, its dirty but hey its a guys thing after all. But I heard about it from my friend that Girl's School are very similar when it comes to cleanliness and proper hygiene. They even shave their pubes in someplace like restroom or clubroom without putting it on the trash. I mean is this true?
Girls only schools do not have the distraction of boys around. The focus for the pupil is education. That is why girl schools have more quals than mixed schools,
This girl in my school is spreading dirty rumors about her and my boyfriend, what should I do?
I know it makes her look bad but it makes me feel bad. High school sucks....
One good reason not to date while in high school.

Make sure that these are really rumors, and not real, or you'll look bad trying to censor them.
Why does this girl give me dirty looks?
Okay so recently this girl at my school has been giving me really dirty looks. I haven't ever done anything to her to deserve this and I've never even talked to her before. Every time she sees me it happens. Why does she do this?
Simple JEALOUSLY welcome to girl world.
How do I dance? I asked a girl at school to the dance and I don't know how to dance.?
I asked a girl at school to the school dance, and she said she only dirty dances. But I don't know how to dance at all, and I really want to impress her. Can anyone help me?
I wouldn't be nervous, it sounds like she can't dance either. "I only dirty dance" Hmm.
Seriously you just need to be able to count to four. Practice in front of your mirror. Don't be self conscious because you are going to be surrounded by like 100 other people dancing at the same time, no-one is really going to notice if you go wrong - which you won't!
Keep it simple, and just don't step on her feet. :D
How can I stop the skinny snotty girls at my school from giving me dirty looks at the pool?
My school has swimming lessons we must take, and of course we have to wear bathing suit, and the skinny girls wear cute bikinis and I can so i wear a tshirt and shorts but i feel so self conscience anyways, and i hate the looks they give me, i know im alway sbeing stared at and made fun of...
You can't, just know that you are better than them. Be confident and love yourself, or whatever.

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